Which eLearning Topic Should You Cover In Your eLI Guest Post?

Which eLearning Topic Should You Cover In Your eLI Guest Post?

Which eLearning Topic Should You Cover In Your eLI Guest Post?

eLearning articles are the gift that keeps giving. What better way to spread yuletide cheer than to share your insights and helpful tips with the L&D community? Guest posting also offers you the opportunity to build up your industry authority and showcase your niche expertise. If you’re wondering which eLearning topic you should opt for, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 ideas to ignite your creative writing spark.

5 Great Ideas For Your To-Write List

1. Change Management

Change is rarely easy. However, with a solid strategy, organizations can put employees’ minds at ease and help them handle transitions with minimal stress. What are the steps involved in the change management process? What are the most common challenges associated with business transformation, and how can L&D help to overcome them?

2. Cyberbullying Prevention In eLearning

Everyone deserves a safe learning space. Unfortunately, many online learners must contend with cyberbullying and harassment. How can organizations and educators prevent this, and what are the most significant dangers they should be aware of?

3. In-Demand Remote Work Skills

Which skills should job candidates hone to land their remote dream job? How can organizations identify the in-demand skills they need to fill gaps and prepare for the future? You can also discuss why these technical and soft skills are so crucial in the modern geographically dispersed workplace.

4. Informal Leadership

What makes a stellar informal leader? How can you encourage it in your organization and spot influential employees? Your article can also cover the risks of informal leadership, such as burnout, and how to mitigate them.

5. Mindset Training

Having the right frame of mind is often what sets top performers apart from the rest. How can businesses launch a mindset training program to encourage positive thinking and a stronger team dynamic? What are the key elements of a successful mindset training course, and which topics are good tie-ins?

Wrapping Up

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