The Day Before Keys Are Being Listed For $300 Each

The Day Before Keys Are Being Listed For $300 Each

Who would have thought that one of the most expensive games of the year The Day Before? Reseller sites have the game listed for between $233 to $304 according to Green Man Gaming (via Kotaku), several times more than what The Day Before cost when it was briefly available. It’s worth noting that while these sites are free to set their own prices for these games, it’s going to be a hard sell to convince people to buy the game at that price.

There is some precedence for this scenario, as in the years since Hideo Kojima’s PT was removed from the PlayStation Store, PS4 consoles loaded with that game have sold quite well through markets like eBay. The Day Before might become a sought-after piece of gaming history in the months to come, and key reseller sites–some of which have a spotty history due to how they do business as unauthorized sellers of games–are banking on the game’s short-lived post-launch history to be worth a hefty asking price.

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There are better ways to spend $300–like 100 cups of coffee–especially when The Day Before will likely be inaccessible once its servers are taken offline soon. Launching in early access on Steam earlier this month, The Day Before had a lifespan of mere days before it was pulled from Steam. Even in its early state, the game was notoriously buggy and players would often run into game-breaking issues.

After the disastrous launch, the studio behind the project, Fntastic, announced that it was closing down as the game had “failed financially” and the developer lacked the funds necessary to continue.

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