Samsung Aims To Dethrone Xiaomi As Top Smartphone Player

Samsung Aims To Dethrone Xiaomi As Top Smartphone Player

Samsung will end 2023 on a strong note as far as the Indian smartphone market is concerned. According to the latest insights from Counterpoint Research‘s Quarterly Market Monitor report, Samsung is set to dethrone Xiaomi as the top smartphone player by volume in 2023 in India. Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s market share in India and global markets:

Samsung’s Resurgence in India and Malaysia

The South Korean conglomerate is making strategic manoeuvres and is set to surpass Xiaomi and secure the top position in India and Malaysia, states Counterpoint Research in a new blog post. So what has helped Samsung in India? A diversified distribution strategy, according to the research firm.

Counterpoint notes that Samsung has smartphone series specific to each distribution channel, which has helped push volume up. For instance, the Galaxy A series is aimed at offline channels, the F series at online retailer Flipkart, and the M series at Amazon. Further, Samsung’s premium Galaxy S and Z series have also done well in the Indian market, according to Counterpoint. This has further helped Samsung expand its customer base.

But Globally Samsung’s Market Share is Evolving

Despite success in India, which is an important market in terms of volume, Samsung will only be able to secure its leadership position in 42 countries. Counterpoint says it will lose the top spot in six nations, including the Philippines, Algeria, and Kuwait. This marks a shift from the 46 nations it dominated just a year ago. The Philippines, in particular, poses a formidable challenge as Realme’s C55 model gains traction, presenting a potential threat to Samsung’s stronghold in Southeast Asia.

Apple and TECNO Rise

Apple is likely to overtake Samsung in Kuwait, thanks to the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro series in the premium category. Meanwhile, TECNO’s competitive pricing strategies in Algeria are poised to dethrone Samsung.

Still, there’s no doubt that for Samsung, 2023 has resulted in some success, especially in markets like India.

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