Ronald Araujo bestows respect on legendary Barcelona captain: “Reference for me”

Ronald Araujo bestows respect on legendary Barcelona captain: “Reference for me”

When it comes to safeguarding the goal, few players can match the assurance Ronald Araujo exudes in repelling opposition attacks.

Despite Barcelona’s recent form causing concerns, Araujo proceeds to be one of the untouchable players in the squad, as is testified by his captaincy status.

Speaking to the media recently, he touched upon several topics, including his future ambitions, ongoing activities, and matters related to the world of football.

The Uruguayan was asked what he thinks about being an ambassador for the Barcelona Charitable Foundation, to which he replied:

It made me very happy, this is a pride for me, people who have a great deal of importance should be especially responsible for these because they are watching us at all times. We must also take advantage of this association to make their voices heard.

The 24-year-old has recently been taking on leadership responsibilities with Marc-Andre ter Stegen out injured, which is simply a testament to the innate strides Araujo has taken since joining the Catalan outfit.

When asked what it means to have been bestowed this recognition, Araujo exclaimed, “It is a very great pride and great honor. I’ve always been a Barcelona fan. Being a player in this club makes me very happy so imagine what it means to be the captain too.”

Flattering Araujo with some praise, the journalist asked him: Did you know that your path is exceptional?

Respectfully acknowledging the breakthroughs he is achieving, Araujo said, “Yes, I’m doing a good job, and I’m on the right track. Obviously, I have a lot to learn, and I have to grow in many aspects and work on it. I’m happy with the way my career is going, but I still have many goals to achieve.”

Carles Puyol has set an example for all defenders to follow, and Araujo admitted he hankers to walk in his footsteps.

Puyol is a reference for me and for all defenders, especially those who play for Barcelona. This is the example that I want to follow and that we should all follow, as a leader who has conveyed the values ​​of the club as I want to do.

I have a good relationship with him, and sometimes he sends me messages and that makes me very happy.” he claimed.

“I won three titles with Barcelona, ​​but I want more. I’m a natural winner, I always want to win, when I lose I get very anxious, and my mood changes,” he added

The South American has often been relied upon in both the center-back and full-back positions, depending on the team’s requirements.

Expressing a preference for the center-back spot, Araujo claimed at the end of the day he is willing to play wherever the coach wishes.

“I said more than once that I prefer to play as a center back, but I will play wherever the coach wants.” he declared.

Finally, talking about what he expects from the ongoing season, the defender noted that lifting titles at the end of the season ultimately is the biggest priority, with a mutual desire to keep winning.

We all want to win. Experienced players have arrived with us, some of whom have just won the Champions League, and there are also young people who won the league with us last season. How nice it is to win titles in this club.

I hope we get used to winning, I hope we have a great season. There are always ups and downs and we have to be strong and not stop working and trust that we have a great team. I hope we can get the most important titles at the end of the season.” he said.

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