Piercing palette 2024: Top 10 coolest trends for a stylish New Year makeover

Piercing palette 2024: Top 10 coolest trends for a stylish New Year makeover

As we say goodbye to 2023 and step into the unknown in 2024, there will be a fascinating change in the piercing industry. Just as fashion evolves, so does the art of self-expression through body adornment. You can bet that this year’s popular piercings will be some of the most imaginative and sentimental yet. From stylish face piercings to adorable ear piercings, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, with so many adorable piercing options available right now, it’s simple to become overwhelmed by the names and choices. In 2024, body piercings will set distinctive and personalized trends that redefine traditional styles. More people find piercing as a medium of self-expression through unique adornments.

New Year 2024: Top 10 coolest piercing trends to transform your look(Pexels )

If you’re planning to get pierced in 2024, but aren’t sure which design to choose, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Celebrity tattoo artist and piercing expert Vikas Malani, founder of BodyCanvas Tattoos, shared with HT Lifestyle some of the top piercing trends that will define individuality, creativity and sustainability in the coming year. (Also read: Planning to get inked on New Year? Check out 8 top tattoo trends set to make waves in 2024)

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1. Tiny ear piercings

A lot of people are getting small and cute piercings on their ears. They opt for tiny jewellery for a simple and subtle look. Multiple Ear Lobe Piercings- Youngsters are opting for several piercings on their ears. This involves making cool designs and unique arrangements with them.

2. Eco-friendly materials

Many individuals support sustainable practices like getting piercings made from things that are good for the environment. They are going for natural stuff like bamboo and wood.

3. Colourful gemstones

More people are using colourful and vibrant gemstones in their piercings that elevate the overall look, making it fancy and sophisticated.

4. Constellation piercings

The trend of acquiring piercings resembling stars or constellations is on the rise. Designs inspired by the celestial expanse have gained immense popularity.

5. Nose piercing

Experimentation with diverse and intriguing nose piercings is becoming a trend. This involves exploring unique placements on the nose and incorporating fancy jewellery to enhance the overall look.

6. Mixing different metals

Incorporating a mix of diverse metals into a single piercing is gaining popularity. This fusion not only adds an intriguing element but also lends a unique and distinctive appearance to the piercing.

7. Piercings with tattoos

There’s a noticeable rise in clients choosing piercings on their existing tattoos. This preference adds a distinct, personalized and unique experience.

8. Customised & fusion piercings

Personalised or experimental only for clients who like to make a fusion between their different piercing connections. Clients appreciate the guidance and enjoy a special, individualized experience.

9. Dermal & micro dermal

Dermal piercings are trending for their unique and edgy look. They allow freedom for placements, offering an exclusive expression.

10. Tunnel & ear extension(Buddha ear)

Tunnel and ear extensions are more popular in hippy & boho culture which has started to pick in regular young people. It’s also about flashing bold and eye-catching accessories.

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