Lego Fortnite Fast Travel Isn’t There Yet, But You Can Travel Fast

Lego Fortnite Fast Travel Isn’t There Yet, But You Can Travel Fast

Lego Fortnite has pulled in millions of players since it launched a week ago, but this game is still very much in its infancy. It’s shockingly polished for a brand-new game in 2023, but it’s also kind of an overall barebones experience right now, without much in the way of a long-term endgame. There’s a lot to enjoy here, but to what end?

For now, it’s all about pushing the limits of what Lego Fortnite can do in its current state. And in that current state, one of the biggest concerns is travel–it takes a long time to get places, and it’s likewise pretty inconvenient to have to haul resources all over the map with only your personal inventory for storage. There’s no fast travel, and so the best form of travel that’s officially provided by the game is a glider, which will get you around quickly but doesn’t help with the need to efficiently move resources around.

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Lego Fortnite fast travel workarounds and methods

That’s why a lot of folks have been toiling away in sandbox mode to figure out a way to transport materials in a vehicle that’s been cobbled together from the parts the game provides. And some folks have actually managed to work out the engineering–there are working planes, trains, and automobiles all over YouTube right now. But not all of them are suited to survival mode, thanks to the durability factor on some of the parts. A lot of these vehicles simply break after any significant use in survival mode because the parts wear down.

In real life, we would perform regular maintenance to take care of that issue on a commuter train, for example, but there’s no way to do that in Lego Fortnite. So, in other terms, there are no guarantees with any of these builds because the game wasn’t made for this stuff. At least not yet.

The other main concern is that dynamic objects–anything that isn’t fixed in place to the world, like a tree, or a building–like these vehicles run the risk of being despawned by the game either when you log out or roam too far from it, and that can be dealt with by attaching the vehicle to a fixed structure with a plank when you aren’t using it.

All that said, yes, you can build vehicles that you can put storage chests on so you can much more quickly move your stuff around the world. How long they stay intact might be a matter of luck, though, and so you’ll need to consider if you think the time this will require (a lot) is worth the risk of the thing breaking and requiring significant repairs–a high likelihood currently. That said, let’s take a look at some videos of people finding ways to travel fast even if they can’t yet exactly fast-travel.

Lego Fortnite airship

In theory, an airship is the ideal vehicle for Lego Fortnite because you can take it anywhere and it doesn’t require infrastructure. YouTuber Burty, who’s seemingly spent all his time in Lego Fortnite building vehicles, managed to put together an airship that you can steer using thrusters on the sides–that required the Lego Fortnite version of creative wiring. The balloons on the deck will raise the ship automatically, and when you want to land you just have to weigh the ship down by putting building blocks in the middle.

Lego Fortnite train

Burty has built several cool and good-looking train designs, but right now in these pioneering early days, function matters far more than form. So I prefer this fast and compact design from YouTuber Elexzo. His design didn’t incorporate chests, though, so you’ll have to handle that aspect of the design. Just be careful when you’re doing it–unbalancing the train will make it fall off the rail.

Lego Fortnite car

Folks figured out cars first, and my favorite design thus far has been this pretty complex one from YouTuber Perfect Score–I like it in particular because it features a steering concept that can be applied to air vehicles as well. This means that building this one is a decent way to learn about some of the granular quirks of Lego Fortnite.

Keep in mind as you venture forth that everybody’s just feeling their way through these vehicle designs right now, so you should feel free to conduct your own experiments if inspiration strikes. Nobody really knows how to make vehicles in Lego Fortnite yet. Instead, it’s more like everyone is competing to invent them, and it’s way too early to crown any winners. In time it’s likely a proper fast-travel system will arrive in Lego Fortnite, but before that–and even after–people will have fun tinkering with the many tools at their disposal.

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