Kanakadasa Jayanthi 2023: When is Kanakadasa Jayanthi? Know interesting facts

Kanakadasa Jayanthi 2023: When is Kanakadasa Jayanthi? Know interesting facts

Kanakadasa Jayanthi is the birth anniversary of the famous philosopher Kanakadasa. Celebrated on a large scale in Karnataka, the day falls on the 18th day of the Karthika masa of the Hindu calendar every year. It is a public holiday in Karnataka and usually falls in the month of November. This year, the festival falls on November 30. Renowned in Kirtans and Ugabhoga ( Carnatic music compositions in the Kannada language), Kanakadasa was born as Thimmappa Nayaka on December 3, 1509. He grew to become a celebrated philosopher, poet, and musician. His birth anniversary is declared a regional public holiday annually to pay tribute to this great saint and poet. Scroll ahead to learn all you need to know about this day.

Kanakadasa was a saint and philosopher who brought about the Bhakti movement in Karnataka.(karnatakatourism.org)

All about Kanakadasa Jayanti

The people of the Kuruba community mainly celebrate the Kanakadasa Jayanti. This year, people are marking the 529th anniversary of the poet, according to the Karnataka tourism official website. A celebration that resonates with the soul of Karnataka, Kanakadasa Jayanti brings together people from all walks of life to honour the revered saint, poet, and philosopher Kanakadasa. On this day, several cultural programs are organised across Karnataka, including lectures on Kanakadasa’s life and works, bhajans, and musical concerts. People also offer floral tributes to his portrait on this day.

Known for his contribution as a social reformer who actively spread the messages of equity and uplifting the social community, Kanakadasa was a devotee of Lord Krishna and a proponent of the Bhakti movement. His compositions reflect a deep sense of devotion and social consciousness. He used the pen name – ‘Kaaginele Adikeshava’ – for all his songs. Some of his famous works include Nalacharithre, Haribhakthisara, Nrisimhastava, Ramadhanyacharithre and Mohanatarangini.

Reportedly, before becoming a saint, Kanakadasa was a warrior. However, he gave that up and became a Haridasa – servant of god – after he was gravely injured in a battle but survived miraculously. He actively discarded rigid caste-based systems in places of worship. He, along with fellow Haridasa, Purandaradasa, rejected norms by singing and composing Kirtans in the local language, Kannada. Most songs of faith were then composed in Sanskrit, inaccessible to the ordinary people.

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