Barcelona unaware of any possible UEFA sanction for alleged violation of financial regulations

Barcelona unaware of any possible UEFA sanction for alleged violation of financial regulations

There was a major development in European Football recently, following the European Court of Justice’s ruling, which deemed UEFA and FIFA’s ban on Super League as unlawful.

Needless to say, the ruling served as a major blow to both FIFA and UEFA, who had apparently gone out of their way to act against the Super League.

These two organisations were particularly strict on clubs supporting the idea of the Super League, with UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin often speaking out against these clubs.

Barcelona could be banned from UCL

Now, in yet another major development, it appears Barcelona could be banned from the UEFA Champions League for two to three years, reports Welt.

The suspension from the premier competition could originate from Barcelona’s economic woes.

The reason for the possible sanction, according to UEFA, would be alleged violations of UEFA’s financial regulations, whereby clubs are obliged to offset expenses against corresponding revenues. In this case, the assessment is usually made on a cycle of the last three seasons.

Barcelona could face suspension from UCL (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Barcelona’s balance sheets are a mess, the report adds. As a result, the club are running the risk of being suspended from the Champions League for a period of up to three years.

Even though Barcelona announced a profit of €304 million approved at the assembly on 21 October, Welt claims that these balance sheets could be called into question because UEFA’s financial regulations consider that only transactions directly deriving from the football business can be counted.

Barcelona not worried about any sanctions

At Barcelona, however, there is no record of a potential sanction coming from UEFA’s end, reports Mundo Deportivo.

The Catalans have yet to come out with an official statement on the matter, but are not worried about the matter as all ‘lever’ transactions were done with La Liga’s approval.

Nevertheless, the report suggests that Barcelona were not surprised by the report coming shortly after the European Court of Justice’s ruling on ESL.

Barcelona, after all, remain one of the three main proponents of the ESL, alongside Real Madrid and Juventus.

The club have faced constant backlash from UEFA and La Liga for their support of the ESL. But with ECJ deeming unlawful bans from UEFA and FIFA, we may enter a new chapter, as far as the Super League saga is concerned.

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