Barcelona president attacks Real Madrid – ‘They’re traditionally favoured by referee’s decisions’

Barcelona president attacks Real Madrid – ‘They’re traditionally favoured by referee’s decisions’

Speaking in a detailed interview on Barça One, Barcelona president Joan Laporta fired shots at Real Madrid, claiming that they are the club that are always favoured by the refereeing decisions.

The comments came when the Barça chief was talking about the Negreira case, in which Real Madrid appeared as an ‘injured party’ in the investigation against Barça.

Laporta and his board from his first term as Barcelona president between 2003 and 2010 were recently acquitted of charges in the matter, and the president expressed satisfaction at the outcome saying:

“I am satisfied because I am no longer under indictment or investigation, but they were investigating me and that surprises me. With us, anything goes. You go to the fields and it seems that we buy referees when it is documented that it was a consultancy.”

Following that, Laporta launched a scathing attack on arch-rivals Real Madrid, calling them out for appearing in the investigation when they are the team most favoured by referees.

“Real Madrid appearing and extending the investigation for six months was a very dirty move. To win is not worth everything. And I don’t know why they play that card because they are traditionally a club favoured by the referee’s decisions,” he said.

“I expect everything from them, but I was surprised that they changed history because if there is a club favoured by the referees it is Madrid, not Barça.”

Concluding, he added: “We believe in justice and we will be acquitted. It is an orchestrated campaign against Barça’s image and to influence refereeing decisions.”

This is not the first time that Laporta has hit out at Real Madrid with regard to the refereeing situation, claiming that the Spanish champions exert pressure on officials through Real Madrid TV, thus ‘adulterating the competition’.

It will be interesting to see whether there is any response from the La Liga champions on the statements made by the Barça chief.

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