Supercharge Your Skills Development Strategy With Performance Planning

Supercharge Your Skills Development Strategy With Performance Planning

How Can Performance Planning Help You Level Up Your Skills Development Strategy?

Leveraging the talent you already have in-house helps reduce recruitment and new hire training costs. But how do you know which skills are already in your talent pool, and what’s the best way to use L&D initiatives to fuel employee growth and improve job performance? This ultimate guide shows you how to implement a skills development strategy through performance planning, from assessing current skills to crafting a skills ontology.

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Supercharge Skill Development Through Performance Planning

Elevate with strategic skill development! This eBook guides HR for growth.

How Skills Development Improves Employee Satisfaction And Morale

An effective skills development strategy doesn’t just help your organization reduce hiring costs. Employees with access to support tools and personalized performance management plans are more likely to be satisfied and motivated to give it their all. This is due to the fact that they know your organization values their development and that it’s taking strides to put them on the right career trajectory, as well as address any areas for improvement they disclose along the way. They’re also more confident in their roles because they have the skill-building resources they need to fulfill their responsibilities and continually improve, regardless of where they are in their employee journey or their level of professional experience.

About This eBook

How can you identify hidden talent within your organization? What are the most effective training initiatives to hone skills and bridge gaps? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in this guide by Cornerstone:

  • Achieve Top-Of-The-Line Performance
  • Meet Your People Where They Are
  • Learn How To Assess And Develop Skills
  • Make Learning And Evaluation Interactive
  • Build A High-Level Skills Strategy
  • Craft The Correct Development Cycle
  • Use A Skills Ontology To Get The Job Done
  • Weave Skills Into Performance Management

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