Style layered up: 5 expert-backed tips to amp up your winter fashion game | Fashion Trends

Style layered up: 5 expert-backed tips to amp up your winter fashion game | Fashion Trends

Winter in most parts of the country has made its arrival known and how – we can see the season shift to colder winds and gloomier days. Come to this shift, a simple sweater won’t do. We all have to become experts in the art of ‘layering’. But dealing with winter chill always feels like a tussle between layers and warmth. It’s not rocket science, just a delicate dance of adding one piece of clothing over another, essentially creating a ‘three-piece outfit’ for optimal insulation as well as maximum chic and versatility.

Style layered up: 5 expert-backed tips to amp up your winter fashion game(Instagram)

Just think of it like making a sandwich – You have your slices of bread, your toppings, and your sauces. But you must be careful, too much mustard can spoil a sandwich, just like too many layers can overshadow your personal style. The key lies in finding the perfect balance to create a simple yet stylish winter look to tackle the cold. If you are still pondering questions like, “How many layers are too many layers?” or worried about shivering in just a thin cashmere sweater, no worries we’ve got you covered. (Also read: Winter wardrobe essentials: 5 trendy must-have jackets to elevate your style )

5 essential layering tips for a fashionable winter look

Kanupriya, Designer at Latin Quarters shared with HT Digital her swanky layering wisdom to elevate your winter styling game aimed to keep you chic, and most importantly ‘warm’. Give these techniques a go-to mix of distinctive styles effortlessly, capturing the true vibe of the season. This winter don’t let the cold freeze your plans! Brave the cold and keep slaying in your minis, midis, and maxis during those cold evenings.

1) First comes first with a turtleneck under all the layers

A true style chameleon, the turtleneck is a singular piece that effortlessly combines style with warmth, snugged cosily at the base of winter layering. A Turtleneck stands as an indispensable base layer that can elevate your style while keeping you snug and stylish throughout the chilly season. A classic black turtleneck can be effortlessly paired with a pencil skirt, atop a chunky sweater. Fuse it with a pair of knee-high boots for a dash of flair to inject your ensemble with a dose of mood-boosting dopamine.

2) Double up on your personal style quotient

Creating the perfect winter look necessitates a bit of creative thinking. Think beyond the obvious – double up the style by turning a blazer into a dress or transforming a dress into a skirt with the magic touch of a nicely knitted sweater. Layer a knitted masterpiece over your outfit for cosy warmth and a closet remix that’s both clever and chic.

3) Every step you take, someone’s watching you move

Winter seasons without a pair of boots are like a playlist without your favourite tunes – it just doesn’t feel right. Whether it’s the sass of ankle boots, the statement knee-highs, or the bold over-the-knee pairs – there’s a boot for every mood. Mix and match with jeans, dresses, or skirts; let your style imagination flow. Choose a style that fits the occasion and invest in waterproof boots for both style and dry feet in the chilly season.

4) ‘Leather’ it up to keep it edgy yet classy

Winter doesn’t truly feel like winter without the touch of leather. If summer sings in light fabrics and denim, then winter has its anthem in knits and leathers. Try the latest leather-on-leather trend with a matching jacket and skirt for an effortlessly fashionable winter look. Whether thrown over a casual T-shirt paired with baggy jeans or layered on a dress with folded boots, this all-time favourite piece adds a stylish edge to any winter look you’re trying to create.

5) Y2K is still here to stay and dive into fashion nostalgia

Add some fun to your winter style with trendy stockings – reliable fashion pieces that stand the test of time. They are a straightforward and budget-friendly way to upgrade your look and add a cheerful vibe to your step. Stockings can be lined with fur, plain, embellished and more depending on how you want them to be. Mix and match them with over-the-knee boots, pumps, combat boots, or trainers, and effortlessly pair them with rompers, dresses, skirts, or shorts for a versatile ensemble.

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