[Podcast] An Insider’s Guide to Property Investing, Felicity and Candice from “Talk Money To Me Podcast” grill Michael Yardney

[Podcast] An Insider’s Guide to Property Investing, Felicity and Candice from “Talk Money To Me Podcast” grill Michael Yardney

Today’s episode is something a little different but it’s a special one.

I recently had the privilege of joining Felicity and Candice from the “Talk Money to Me” podcast and it was a fantastic conversation.

Today I’m going to replay that interview for you.

In our chat, I dive deep into the current state of the property market and given the challenges many property investors are facing now, hopefully, by answering Candice and Felicity’s questions, I’ll also be answering some of your questions.

Talk Money to Me: Mastering the Market with Michael Yardney

As I answer questions from Talk Money to Me podcast hosts Felicity and Candace, we explore the complexities of the property market, the future of the real estate, and how to achieve financial success through property investment.

Our chat hits on a range of topics including market evolution, the impact of population growth on rental properties, and the government’s efforts to increase property supply. Property Market

We also discuss strategies for first-time property investors and discuss the importance of a long-term focus, cash flow buffers, and a balanced portfolio.

  • The nuances of the property market, its evolution, and how to future-proof investments.
  • The impact of population growth on rental properties and the government’s efforts to increase property supply.
  • The growth potential of Australia’s capital cities and the variety of accommodation types available.
  • The significance of the neighbourhood you choose to buy property in
  • The concept of a 20-minute neighbourhood.
  • The importance of maintaining a long-term focus on property investment
  • The need for cash flow buffers to weather market cycles
  • The power of a balanced portfolio
  • The pros and cons of renovations Property Market
  • The pitfalls of making emotionally driven decisions.

For anyone interested in navigating the property market, from first-time investors to seasoned professionals, this episode provides a comprehensive understanding of the market’s complexities and future trends, as well as practical advice on investment strategies and financial success.

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Michael Yardney

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Felicity Thomas and Candice Bourke are Senior Private Wealth Advisers at Shaw and Partners Check out their range of services here

Follow their Talk Money to Me Podcast here

Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“Let’s be clear, there’s multiple markets, each state is in a different stage of its own cycle, and within each state, there are multiple markets depending upon price brackets, the type of property, geography.” – Michael Yardney

“You actually need 20, maybe 30 years of successful investing to develop a level of financial independence.” – Michael Yardney

“I also like properties with the ability to manufacture capital growth. I like the concept of renovations, refurbishment, or redevelopment.” – Michael Yardney


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